The Jenn Royster Show: Angel Guidance for July 2020

Guest Profile

Teresa Carol

Teresa Carol is an Intuitive Counselor, an ordained Minister, a Certified B.E.S.T. Practitioner, a retired Washington State Counselor and the author of All Spooked Up & How To Spook Yourself Up. She holds 5 college degrees including a degree in Psychology.

Since 1985 Teresa has worked as a professional Life Coach and teacher of metaphysics, spiritual awakening and psychic development. Having traveled to over 29 countries, Teresa has studied healing, Shamanism and spirituality directly from indigenous people. Featured on Evening Magazine, and listed in Who’s Who of Extraordinary People, she has been a guest on countless television and radio programs, as well as interviewed in newspapers and magazines.

Teresa believes people have their own answers; they just need the opportunity and the skills to bring it all together. Working and teaching full time as a Life Coach and an Intuitive, she lives an extraordinary life and offers to share her insights to empower others. Currently Teresa is writing a series of children’s books designed to help with psychic and spiritual emergence. Her focus is “helping individuals help themselves.”

Her specialties include paranormal investigation, psychic readings, Mediumship, Medical Intuitive, Animal Communicator, Numerology, Tarot, Palm, Shamanism, Tea Leaf and Aura Readings, Healings, BEST and Life Coach.


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