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Know Your Crazy with Susan Denee: Emotional Recovery in the Raw: Relationship Hiccups

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Teresa Goertz

Teresa Goertz

The instant I decided to enter the holistic makeover contest is when things started to change for me. It was in that moment that Spirit heard my intention and responded with assistance, before I ever pressed send on my e-mail entry. While a part of me set aside expectations of winning, another part of me started to act as if I had already won by taking steps on my own in the areas of my life that I wanted to change. These acts or energy plus motion as I like to call them, whether as a part of my desire to commence the process to change on my own, or as part of the requirements of the contest, were signals to Spirit that I was ready. Each step I took along the way, things changed. For example, at the second step stage, when I finally pressed Send, another clarion call was heard and answered. Those answers were confirmations for me that I was on the right path, regardless of the expectations I had of participating in the makeover. I was being shown that not only was it possible, I was already there.