Guest Profile

Terri Strauss

A born intuitive, it wasn’t until Terri was in her thirties that she really came to identify and understand her abilities. She always ‘knew’ things but also experienced a wide variety of physical and emotional issues that couldn’t be explained. As time passed she started to realize these physical and emotional issues didn’t belong to her but rather to those around her. As Terri began to share her feelings with others, the signs and symptoms began to subside and she started to deliver messages of healing, love, and inspiration. This awareness put her on a spiritual journey of self-discovery that has brought her to where she is today as a working Medium.

Every Intuitive has their own unique abilities. She is personally able to sense what’s going on with others, both emotionally and physically, but she can also connect with loved ones who have passed on. Terri's goal is to help the spirits who have passed to deliver their messages to those spirits who remain here on earth – us! Their words can help us to heal, move forward in life, and to know that our loved ones are safe and doing well.

In order to enhance her abilities she has attended numerous classes and seminars with some of the finest Mediums. This includes Lisa Williams, John Holland, James Van Praagh, Tony Stockwell, & Doreen Virtue. She has attended numerous workshops on Mediumship and regularly attends the Northwest Mediumship Association.