Guest Profile

Thể Oanh Nguyen

Thể Oanh, pronounced like Tey'One (Oanh 'ONE' for short), is a Multidimensional Transformation Coach & Oracle, guided by her Fierce Guardian Angel, she serves as a Spiritual Guide & Tarot Reader for her querents. She is a certified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner & Image Consultant with over a decade of experience as a highly skilled makeup artist & hair stylist, who specializes in inner & outer beauty.

Oanh is deeply passionate about holding sacred space & helping as many souls as possible, realize & embody their limitless potential. She wants everyone she connects with, to embrace their Divinity, to gain unwavering confidence, look sophisticated & to reclaim their sovereignty. Oanh lovingly co-created with Source & her Angel, The 6 Petals Of Life™ & the Thrive Evolution Method™, which uses Sacred Geometry as a blueprint & compass, to guide us on how to consciously create a balanced life we love & deserve whilst feeling sexy.

She believes that love will deliver us peace, and such love must start with self-love, the unconditional self-love that we were all born with & have the ability to realign with as adults. Oanh would love to live in a world where everyone is in love, in love with themselves, in love with their life, in love with our planet & all Earthlings, thus attracting love, so we can all love & be loved. Love will always prevail.


Oanh is an eternal student, animal lover, humanitarian, environmentalist & a multifaceted artist with an insatiable appetite to create beauty in many forms. She cherishes spending time with loved ones, her pup, kitten & gecko.