Guest Profile

Theresa Marquez

Theresa Marquez: Chief Marketing Executive
Organic Valley
Theresa Marquez has been involved in food and farming since the mid 1970s. Wearing a variety of hats throughout the past 35 years, her current job is Chief Marketing Executive for the largest organic farmer cooperative in the United States, CROPP Cooperative, and its brands Organic Valley and Organic Prairie. CROPP consists of over 1600 small and mid-size family farmers and markets over 200 certified organic products including milk, cheese, butter, spreads, eggs, soy, produce, and meat. Marquez joined the Cooperative in 1995 and has helped to grow the business from 5 million to over 600 million in 2010.
Marquez has served on the Board of Directors of the Organic Trade Association OTA and The Organic Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to proving the benefits of organic. She has also served on the Oregon Tilth Certification Advisory Board. Marquez has been a guest speaker at numerous events and conferences including Natural Products Expo, National Nutritional Foods Association, American Marketing Association, Organic Trade Association, Food Marketing Institute, and WKKF Foundation. In addition she pioneered the Food Alliance eco-label and is currently working hard to start a new national tradition The Earth Dinner.
"As a marketer, I truly enjoy being a catalyst to bring people closer to food, farming and the environment. Besides the obvious benefits of taste and beauty, it is a joy to work and create together for a common goal."