Guest Profile

Tim Darter

Tim Darter is the executive director of Spirit Fire Meditative Retreat Center. He joined this non-profit after 20 years in the private sector. After watching talented individual’s burnout from the constant struggles of corporate visions that were often incorrectly focused, he moved on from healthcare to direct his focus on well-being at its very root… the well-being of human beings themselves.

Recognizing the design beneath disorder has always come naturally to Tim. This principle is steeped in kabbalistic tradition and is based on the universal law of cause and effect. When it is applied, it propels the individual to self-betterment. Tim used this principle as a guiding force in his career, specializing in healthcare system design.

An organization is nothing more than a collective of individuals focusing their energies on a goal. The corporate paradigm all too often focuses solely on the goal and neglects the value of the individual. The whole system suffers as a result.

Human beings naturally organize themselves. We are corporations, communities, families; even our physical body is an organization of sorts. The whole is dependent upon the working order of each part; both personal and collective evolution necessitates a conscious focus one's self. By creating environments that encourage self-discovery and empowerment, Tim feels that the disorder that many feel in their lives can be diminished by design.

Spirit Fire
Tim Darter and Steve Kramer are the airwave ambassadors of The Practice of Living Awareness Meditation, Spirit Fire's own 14-step meditation practice. We run Spirit Fire, an educational non-profit focused on cultivating consciousness in everyday life. Our meditation practice is used as a platform for our daily online presentations, classes, retreats... and a radio show!