Guest Profile

Tom Birkenmeyer

An enlightened dreamer, entrepreneur, coach, author, healer and teacher, TOM BIRKENMEYER is the hero of his own success story and lives a life grounded in transparency and full disclosure. He brings palpable passion and empathy in helping people achieve their goals—both professional and personal—and live happy, healthy, fulfilling, debt-free lives. Tom leads by example and supplies a proven system whereby people can break a lifetime of bad habits, shed their excuses, take positive action and grow from where they are planted right now. He is a man who shines in the moment, has an eye toward the future, yet never forgets from whence he came.Tom’s story is one of personal triumph and achievement and one that he freely shares with others on social media. After overcoming difficulties in grade school and, later, enduring some unfortunate circumstances in the workplace that derailed his career, he has rebounded, finding financial freedom and embracing a lifestyle steeped in wellness. From his first exposure to the Beach Body business model, Tom knew that he had the vehicle through which he could bring about positive change in the world. He took a leap of faith, shifted his mindset from employee to entrepreneur, and dedicated himself to the study of personal growth. According to Tom, being in the service to others is the key to living a life of true happiness. He has walked in the shoes of the people he helps and experienced the inner turmoil of being consumed by debt. Once broke and embarrassed about his lot in life, Tom’s strength is in getting people to believe in themselves, push past their excuses, replace pain with pleasure and shrink their egos that drive their internal conflicts. Always focused on the positive, he derives his greatest joy in raising the level of self-confidence and self-esteem in the people with whom he engages, positioning them on their path to financial independence and stellar physical health.