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Tom Liotta

Tom Liotta is the Northwest Executive Director for WeXL Financial. The Wexl Financial team's average client is positioned to save 100,000.00 in interest alone, and are committed to the goal of saving their clients a total of 1,000,000,000.00 One Billion in interest. We are currently at 96,000,000.00 and counting. Visit their website to see where they are today

Their Message is clear: quit paying interest when you don't have to and teach others to do the same. Join us and claim responsibility for your financial security and achieve financial wellness.

Contact Tom toll free 888-252-3083 or direct at 206 391-0223 or email

WeXL Financial is founded on a set of core values that stem from more than a decade of consumer research and the development of strategies that is revolutionizing the way individuals view their financial life. Founded upon the core principles that lead to complete Financial Wellness, WeXL is the first financial service company to offer a comprehensive solution to both sides of the financial wellness equation. The One Clear Path to Financial Wellness begins with debt elimination and ends with a sound financial strategy to achieve financial freedom through wealth creation strategies.

WeXL combined a powerful debt elimination strategy in use for decades in other countries with a wealth creation strategy largley unknown by the average consumer. The revolutionary MCA enables American families to consolidate a mortgage and bank account in order to more efficiently pay down mortgage interest. The WeXL MCA is a powerful Web-based software utility that makes managing the debt elimination process easy and intuitive. Instead of utilizing only one debt elimination tactic, the architects of the WeXL system incorporated multiple debt elimination strategies within the MCA software, to create the most comprehensive system available. In addition to creating a comprehensive debt elimination system, Robert and Keith were able to develop and integrate powerful retirement and planning options exclusively for WeXL clients. In doing so, the overall mission of the company evolved to more than just getting clients out of debt. Clients not only want to eliminate debt but they also want to know how to save, secure, and build for retirement. WeXL has evolved to where we do two things extremely well: create a strong financial foundation so people can eliminate debt and accelerate retirement.

Because the founders of WeXL have been involved in this particular debt strategy longer than any other U.S. company, they have put themselves in a unique position to monitor the client experience over several years. This perspective has allowed WeXL to continue to release several versions of the MCA system. The current version is like none other in the marketplace. It utilizes multiple debt management techniques, along with future budgeting intelligence, case scenarios to evaluate specific decisions, and a host of other easy to use strategies, all designed to help you live life more simply and without debt.

There has never been a greater need for individuals and families to regain control over their financial lives. Our passion is to create One Clear Path to Financial Wellness for all of our clients.