Guest Profile

Tom Shenk

Tom enjoyed 14 great years as an elementary classroom teacher where he had lots of first-hand experience with children struggling with social, emotional, behavioral, and academic challenges like ADHD and learning disabilities.

He then transitioned to elementary physical education where he discovered the tremendous influence the body has the brain. His research led him to initiate and direct two pilot programs that studied the effectiveness of brain-friendly teaching techniques with weak learners.


Soon afterward, Tom was recognized as Teacher of the Year for his entire school district and went on to be named 2012 Virginia Region II Teacher of the Year. These honors opened doors to lecture and give workshops to parents, educators, political and community leaders across Virginia and at the U.S. Department of Education on the subject of Brain-Friendly Education & Home Life. In 2013, Tom retired from teaching to open a Brain Balance Achievement Center in Virginia Beach, VA.

This specialized learning center stimulates healthy brain development in children suffering from social, emotional, behavioral, and academic challenges through movement, sensory stimuli, and cognitive activities.

Since the opening of Brain Balance Virginia Beach, he has seen first hand how incredibly changeable the brain is. With the right stimulation over time, we can now make huge changes in the lives of students. Tom continues to share his message of hope that children and adults can dramatically improve their lives by changing their brains through a healthy, active lifestyle.