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Guest Profile

Tracy L Clark

Tracy L Clark is a remarkable Leader and Pioneer in the field of Body Regeneration. Tracy is the Founder of The TLC Community of Extraordinary Living and Creator of The Body Regeneration Method. Tracy serves on a Global level as a Facilitator, Soul Specialist, Teacher, International Speaker and Humanitarian. Tracy came into this world sick, riddled with physical ailments and disease. She was born with her legs and hips detached, a hole in her chest, stomach valve closed shut and an extremely damaged nervous system that caused excruciating pain. At the tender age of five Tracy was kidnapped. This terrifying event acted as the catalyst that began opening Tracy to her gifts in a unique way. It took several years for her to be able to understand what was happening to her.

As Tracy became a young woman it appeared that she moved through life effortlessly, living what many perceived as the “perfect life”, but she was dying inside. The life that she was living was empty, unfulfilling and causing great harm to her body, overall health and wellbeing.

Seventeen years ago, after three near death experiences, Tracy made the difficult decision to leave a marriage that no longer served her. This choice, this change, was the turning point (defining moment?) in her life. After leaving her marriage with her two young children, she was told that her body was shutting down again. This diagnosis lead Tracy to dig deep, face her fears and realize it was time to make the difficult choices, to go against all that she had been taught. Tracy quickly learned that all the sickness, disease and suffering that she was experiencing was linked to all areas of her life. She began to learn the secrets that allowed her to transform her body, yielding unimaginable results that left others speechless. Tracy had done the “impossible”. Her life, once full of suffering, pain and illness transformed into a life full of joy, happiness and wellness.

Tracy has dedicated her life to the TLC Community of Extraordinary Living to help change as many lives as possible! What sets Tracy apart is that she doesn’t just talk about what is not working in your life, she creates real substantial change in your life. Tracy walks the walk; she does not teach anything she does not practice in her own world. What sets her apart from many others is that she was her own test subject. She repaired herself long before she went out into the world to help others! Tracy has the unique ability to see the body as a computer and to remove corrupt files, old programming and blockages that keep us sick, stuck, stagnant, living unfulfilled lives. Tracy approaches the body functionally, understanding that sickness, disease and suffering are not separate from, but directly linked to, all areas of one’s life. Tracy sees how everything is integrated and connected. She believes everything is connected and there is no separation.

Tracy shares her groundbreaking Body Regeneration Method, handing you the tools to overcome trauma, pain, suffering and adversity. With Tracy’s programs, you will learn how to let go of judgements and expectations, traumatic events, and other issues that keep you stuck and feeling unfulfilled. Tracy will teach you important tools and techniques that give you the ability to have everything you ever dreamed of and more. Through the programs Tracy offers she works daily with each group to support, motivate and remove obstacles, allowing you the freedom to attain prosperity in all areas of your life.  Not only does Tracy help you restore your life, but she has created The Body Regeneration Method which gives YOU the tools to heal, not only yourself, but those around you as well! Working with Tracy and the TLC Community of Extraordinary Living, while implementing The Body Regeneration Method, people begin to live a life they had never dreamed imaginable.


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