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Trent Brock

I had cancer 3x - hip bone cancer left me crippled, lung and then pancreas of which I only had a 5% chance to make it.  I had to change my mental outlook and retrain my head to believe that I could beat cancer even though 5 specialists told me I was done for.  I’m now 18 months cancer free and currently going through a 3 part surgery project never done before at Mayo Clinic to implant a custom titanium hip.  Then bone lengthen procedure of the femur to get the 4 inches back that hip cancer took from me.   Would love share some of the tools I learned and help someone in your community along the way.

I’m originally from the US, but I’ve travelled around the world many places and settled in New Zealand about 17 years ago.  I was an IT dude by trade, but I started a kettle corn business with a guy that I met in the boxing gym randomly. They did not have kettle corn in New Zealand.  I figured it would work, and boy was I right! 


We started out working at the markets on the weekends and progressed to 2 factories, 15 staff, and so many popcorn products I cannot even count!  We service all New Zealand supermarkets and international markets such as Singapore, Malaysia, South Pacific Islands etc.  We are the number #2 popcorn in New Zealand. I would love to share some of the trials and tribulations, pitfalls and wins we have gone through over the last 12 years to be one of the most successful snack companies in NZ.