Guest Profile

Tricia Mitchell

Tricia Mitchell discovered 6 years ago that she is a Clairvoyant Healer. She is a truth seeker who guides clients to powerful healings on a spiritual, physical emotional and mental levels. Tricia’s a Multi-Disciplined Practitioner of many complimentary therapies focusing on the mind-body connection, finding the root-cause of dis-ease and resolving emotional or physical traumas.

These include:
*EFT with Matrix Birth Reimprinting and Life Purpose - to work with birth traumas and trauma in the womb
*META-Health - to understand what symptoms can tell us about our beliefs and emotions causing dis-ease
*META-Kinetics - advanced kinesiology, communicating directly with the body through advanced muscle testing, gaining precise information about behavioural patterns or dis-ease processes before symptoms appear and allowing the body to communicate what is priority for it, which often differs to what we think is a priority for us!

She’s also a Master Coach and Trainer in mBIT - using techniques to work with the body’s innate intelligence within the head, heart and gut, so they function in harmony and support clients in making wiser decisions and generating more compassion, courage and creativity in their lives.

Tricia enjoys guiding female entrepreneurs who feel stuck through mindset shifts towards phenomenal personal success and rapid business growth.

As an Empath, she knows exactly where to focus clients’ awareness to support them in quickly moving beyond their own limiting beliefs and ancestral patterns. She delivers intense, focused, success sessions for clients seeking accelerated results, who don't have the time to spend several sessions getting there.

As well as supporting people on their self-healing journeys and coaching female entrepreneurs looking for a spiritual solution, Tricia’s latest work includes working with the Divine and facilitating other healers in raising their vibration. She describes this spiritual process as an “upgrade” from dial up to high speed broadband, as they connect to “the grid.”

Finally accepting her role as a messenger of God, she takes a pragmatic approach to soul retrieval and blending science and spirituality. For those looking for a bridge between day to day life and the spiritual realm, or soul searching for solutions, she’s simply making the extraordinary normal.