Guest Profile

Trish Campbell

Trish is a Writer, Transformation Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, and founder of INVIBE, helping motivated individuals through the evolving and transformative process of remembering who they came here to be.

As a writer, Trish is sharing her transformative journey with the world through written word to connect with and inspire others. Working with motivated individuals 1:1 and group workshops, Trish provides guidance, wisdom, and compassionate support alongside Reiki energy healing, helping to strengthen their mind-body-spirit connection and inner guidance, empowering them to tap into all that is already inside of them, and allowing them to be in their fullest expression to share their light and gifts with the world.

Reiki Master Teacher

Reiki is an integral part of Trish's transformational journey to reconnect the self & release/disconnect from stored stagnant energy in the body around unhealed wounds -