Guest Profile

Trisha Pasternak-Berliner

Co-Founder of The Successful Child. Her services support families and focus on providing children with the opportunity to reach their highest potential academically, behaviorally, and socially. In order to ensure that children build a healthy self-esteem AND thrive at home, in school and in the future, out in the world, it is important to know how to support them most appropriately. As a parent, you are your child’s role model and every day they are learning from you. We help our clients understand where their own child is at in each of these areas and then work with them on recommendations for how to make improvements within their family life, especially in areas that might affect their kids. We focus on how to effectively communicate, manage hard-to-handle behaviors, set limits and make informed decisions on education. As a result in working with us, parents who are active participants and use our suggestions are able to help support and build on their child’s positive/healthy self-esteem, decrease difficult behaviors and help give their child an academic competitive edge.