Guest Profile

Vaida Stone

Money and flowers talk ... 


Well it certainly does for Vaida V.- Stone, a former teacher, now finance and personal development coach, flowers and colours therapy practitioner,author, international speaker, who, took part in World Women Forum in Paris this March, which coincided with International Women’s Day 8th March, where she talked about money and flowers impact for women financial and general  wellbeing.She was one of 70 great speakers from all around world : America, Canada, Serbia, Africa, Mexico, Japan, Australia, England, France, India, and Turks & Caicos.


She will share her empowering story in i- DIAS Global Conference in New York on 10-11 , July.2023. Also, planning to meet some local communities in Chicago and Madison to introduce her new book Always Enough and talk about practical steps and The Blueprint to Financial Freedom and Creating the Life You Desire.


Vaida, who is originally from Lithuania but now lives in Birmingham, in the UK, is on a mission to help people, especially women, to become better with money, reduce stress in daily life by transforming mindset and creating better relationship with their money and nature. She believes educating society about personal finances is the key to being financial stable and open about our personal finances for personal and family good.


“Personal money is not very comfortable to talk about, even in the family, but it is an essential part of successful and sustainable planning. That’s why I sincerely encourage you to talk to your partner and children”.  Vaida founded Moneywiser Academy by V. Stone, where she is giving workshops, master classes, and one to one consultations for families, self-employed, business start-ups, as a coach and mentor. Empowering and encouraging people as a motivational speaker, organising women retreats and flower and colours therapy sessions as a flowers psychometric and finance coach.. She is active social person and Lithuanian culture  ambassador, sponsor for some local communities in the UK.