Guest Profile

Valeri Bocage

Valeri Bocage is the founder of Powerful Women International and has been assisting people in living their dreams for over 20 years. She has inspired hundreds of people to fulfill on their life's mission. She has coached authors, entrepreneurs, parents, families, public speakers and artists to expand their vision for what was possible in their professional and personal lives globally, She has been recognized by the United States Congress, Senate, Mayor Offices and several companies and organizations around the world.

Valeri was born and raised in New Orleans, LA. As a result of Hurricane Katrina, Valeri lost EVERYTHING, except her indomitable spirit and true passion for life. She took the loss as an opportunity to start a whole new life. She moved to San Francisco to fulfill on her dream of "EMPOWERING WOMEN TO EMPOWER THE WORLD." Powerful Women International is doing just that. Now, only a few years later PWI has more than 30 connections around the world.