Guest Profile

Valerie Waugaman

Vibrant, exciting, exuberant, these are a few of the words that describe Valerie Waugaman a.k.a. Siren on the hit NBC sports reality show, American Gladiators. Her fiery red hair and her phenomenal physique are her assets that make her stand out as one of the top gladiators.

Besides being a TV personality, Valerie is an entrepreneur, transformational coach, professional athlete, and an inspirational speaker. Raised by a single mother in Ohio, Valerie came from humble beginnings. She learned early the power of her dreams.

Her dreams drove her to succeed as an athlete in high school, put herself through college, and move on to become a successful TV personality. Since her adolescence, she would not allow her circumstances to define who or what she would become.

Valerie's inspirational message is conveyed through the efforts of FitMission, with the goal of educating and helping billions. Through competing on the Professional Figure Stage, appearances at Health & Fitness expos, Fitness Camps, Corporate and Public Seminars, online mediums and self-motivating lectures to elementary kids at their schools, Valerie and the FitMission team Inspires, Educates, Provides, Supports, Empowers and Evolves peoples quality of life. Valerie Inspires people to improve their current state of wellbeing, to dream bigger - Educates them on how to take their lives to the next level - Provides the tools necessary to change Supports them through the process of change - Empowers them to stand on their own and helps them Evolve by passing it forward to the next person for positive change.

With a special passion for motivating kids, Valerie is developing a superhero character concentrating on goal setting, fitness and nutrition that kids can identify with and look up to as a role model. For Valerie Waugaman, competing is about inspiring people to dream big dreams, and to go after them with all the vigor and energy of a healthy mind, body and spirit as Valerie says Live it to Give it