Guest Profile

Vanessa Checchio

Vanessa Checchio is a Personal Trainer, HIIT coach, Spin and Zumba, instructor, JIVA Active ambassador, and the creator and owner of bachata & barbells, a fitness and wellness business based out of Hoboken, NJ. 

An athlete and all around hyper-active person since childhood, Vanessa found her true passion for fitness while she was attending East Stroudsburg University. After spending two unfulfilling years behind a desk in the corporate world, Vanessa decided it was time to make a change, follow her passion, and two months later bachata & barbells was born. 

Vanessa, a childhood cancer survivor, believes that strength doesn’t come from a number on the scale or a barbell, it comes from within and being able to push past that normal comfort zone and feeling 100% confident in what you’re capable of. 

When she’s not working 1 on 1 with clients at Intrepid Gym, teaching classes at Work it Out, creating playlists, or perfecting her squat, you can find her running around town with her Pitbull partner in crime, Nola, and trying to find the best Americano in town.