Guest Profile

Vera Lauren

Besides channeling the masters, Ms. Lauren is a writer, editor, speaker, spiritual teacher & consultant, life coach, and emotional healer. Although she considers herself more of a conduit for healing, believing "Spirit is the only true healer," she takes none of the credit and asserts, "Your body is your mind in action because your mind controls your emotions." She goes on to say, "Even science has proved everything is energy and nothing dies; it only changes form." Vera has formal spiritual training and numerous certifications in various modalities of healing, Feng Shui, and Chinese medicine, having continued studies in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bali. Intuition and experiential opportunities through actual events, and meditation all inform her personal philosophies.

Earth's tough classroom and the people agreeing to show up in her life are her greatest teachers. Her earliest memories are of being on her sainted mother's lap, and endlessly talking about God, the saints, and an inner knowing she had lived before. Vera, the youngest of eleven, fondly remembers her mother reading the Bible during dinner, and being fascinated, but many of the stories did not always settle right with her. At age six, she was already questioning religious teachings not resonating to a loving God. She was always passionate about spirituality, and was chosen to teach Catechism at the early age of twelve, but after about a year was dismissed for teaching free thought, a term she did not understand at the time. She affirms, "With a balanced mind, and an open heart you will come to understand that there is no conflict between science and spirituality. The pure fundamental nature of spiritual teachings is scientific as are the techniques, such as meditation and prayer. Often what we think we already know is what will stifle growth."

Vera has had visions of Jesus the Christ, Mother Mary, and other ascended masters and saints. She also remains close to Archangel Michael, who years ago appeared before her and continues his loving guidance and support. Through her dear friend Catherine, Jesus and the Office of the Christ asked Vera to collaborate on this valuable work.
"Partnering with the Christ and Catherine was a gift and an honor I was unknowingly preparing for all of my life; however, I was not completely ready for the incredible life-altering, and sometimes profound spiritual experiences, and lessons that took place during the process."

Vera believes she was called upon to do this work, which explains why she had to go through a great deal to get to this level of consciousness. She wishes to share the spiritual techniques and philosophies she has cultivated to assist others in achieving a similar frequency of peaceful awareness, while balancing everyday trials. "My intentions are to empower people to be independent not dependent on anyone or anything outside of themselves, believing God is within each and everyonealbeit this Consciousness is dormant in some. Only be satisfied when you have a direct personal experience with God."

Vera Lauren graduated summa cum laude from the University of New Haven, Connecticut. The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute granted her a "scholarship" in both New York, and Los Angeles. She has credits in theatre, film, radio, and television. She especially enjoyed her experiences as a producer, and as a talk show host in several metaphysical films, and as co-host for the radio show, Dialogues with the Ascended Masters. She was affiliated with Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Redwood City, California, as their first and only non-denominational minister where she also served, along with her therapy dogs, for nearly a decade as a volunteer hospice caregiver, and grievance counselor. She is the Christ Matrix President and Spokesperson, an initiate of the Healing Order of the Blue Rose, a disciple of Christ, and a member of Self Realization Fellowship. Vera is a vegetarian and an animal lover, having rescued many, and pleads: "Please neuter your pets and contribute to animal rescue services in support. What a difference this will make." Vera is a lifelong activist for many causes besides animals, writing and publically speaking against genocide, modern day slavery, and the plight of Darfur, and is available for lectures.