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Guest Profile

Verla Wade

Verla is trained in the Western Mystery Tradition in the lineage of King Salomon as an advanced initiate, teacher and healer within the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light. She has a unique ability to empower people to reach for their greatness and actualize their life purpose.

Verla travels worldwide teaching a wide range of classes, including the Dragon Magick, Elvin & Faery Magick, and Mer Magick, the Universal Kabbalah, and other spiritual/ metaphysical classes, as well as the Initiatory Classes of Empower Thyself, Know Thyself and the Healers Academy. As well, Verla offer healings and life purpose readings. She genuinely enjoys this work and is an exceptional teacher, speaker, healer, and mentor/coach.

Her primary focus when working with either individuals or groups is personal empowerment, transformation, and effective application.