Guest Profile

Veronica Maxey

Veronica Maxey has been a certified clinical hypnotherapist since 1995. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Psychology from Bastyr University in 2006 and she combines a cognitive behavioral approach with her hypnotherapy practice to better address the needs of her clients.

The focus of her services is medical and emotional issues. She does not diagnose, cure, or treat any medical issue. However, there is a psychological component to every condition. Pain and stress can suppress the immune system. Veronica can guide you in pain management, stress management, and quality of life issues using guided imagery. You can be guided to engage your innate ability to bring your body back to balance.

Veronica is able to assist you using hypnotherapy, energy psychology, or coaching. The method used depends on you the client and which modality she feels will get you the results you desire. It shouldn't surprise you to know that these three modalities have great overlap and more often than not, at least two are used at any one session.

Veronica has a practice in the Renton Highlands area and joyfully awaits working with you.