Guest Profile

Veronica Valli

Veronica has worked as a therapist and life coach specializing in addiction for over fifteen years; her experience includes working with young people in the criminal justice system, primary care adult treatment, outreach services and private practice. As a recovered alcoholic and drug addict, she has personal experience of what it takes to recover from an addiction. Veronica struggled with alcoholism through most of her twenties. As a binge drinker, she was aware for some time that something was wrong but was unable to define what it was; a chance meeting led to her finally getting help and turning her life around. At the height of her addiction, Veronica was unable to go to work without the aid of a drink; her life and confidence were in tatters. She got sober in 2000 at the age of twenty-seven. She now uses this experience to help and inspire others. She fully believes that all alcoholics and addicts can recover if they have access to the right kind of help, and that they can then go on to live life to the full.

Her books: Why you drink and How to stop: journey to freedom and ‘Get Sober get Free’ have been peer reviewed and are currently available at Amazon and other on line retailers. She also runs the successful blog: Veronica Valli Recovery Rocks where she writes about addiction and alcoholism issues.