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Victoria Moran

Victoria Moran is a motivational speaker, certified life coach, and a best-selling author, including Fat, Broke and Lonely No More, Lit From Within, Fit From Within, Younger By The Day, Shelter for the Spirit and Creating a Charmed Life in 29 languages and quoted on Celestial Seasonings teas. A tenth anniversary sequel, Living a Charmed Life is new this year.

I've been writing for publication since I was a teenager. I wanted to meet the Beatles so I got a 1 press card from a teen magazine. It worked: I got into my first Beatles' press conference at fourteen, my second at fifteen, and when I was seventeen, Paul McCartney bought me a drink. That's when I knew that even though I was just an ordinary girl from Kansas City with a recurrent weight problem and bad skin, I really did live a charmed life.

Her revised and updated classic, The Love-Powered Diet: Eating for Freedom, Health, and Joy was rereleased in 2009 and is climbing the charts once again. Victoria was once 60 pounds overweight, but shes been free from eating for a fix for an astounding 25 years. Her "Love-Powered" approach begins by tapping the wisdom and grace already inside to help make delicious, satisfying food choices that expresses a love of self.

"In order to change self-destructive behaviors, we need to go deeper, to what underlies our behavior. Victoria Moran shows us how."
-Dean Ornish, MD., author of Dr. Dean Ornish's Program from Reversing Heart Disease

Victorias Shelter for the Spirit and Lit from Within have both been featured on Oprah She writes the popular Your Charmed Life blog on She is married, the mother of a young actress, and lives a charmed life in New York City.