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Guest Profile

Vila Loukas

Vila Loukas is a Personal Growth Consultant & Coach, specializing in Self-Empowerment for all people. Vila's work opens up the connection to individual Life Purpose for her clients resulting in greater joy & fulfillment in day to day life

Vila is a Certified Healer and Guide with the Modern Mystery School Internationalan organization dedicated to bringing advanced spiritual training from the Ancient Mystery Schools forward into modern life. As a Healer & Guide, Vila offers initiation into the ancient lineage of Lightworkers on the planetthose who have been called to be of service to humanity in one form or another. The Initiation seals in a higher vibratory frequency creating greater flow, effectiveness, vitality, abundance, energetic protection, spiritual connection, and much, much more

In addition to her work with the Modern Mystery School, Vila has studied and trained in numerous other spiritual traditions and healing modalities. She believes that each person carries the Divine Spark of greatness within and has developed the Breakthrough Connection as a place for those who are READY to connect to and cultivate that essence. Vila is dedicated to helping people find out who they truly are & learning to LIVE that Truth in their daily lives


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