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Vincent Genna

Vincent Genna is a world-renowned powerful psychic healer, respected spiritual teacher, and dynamic vibrant speaker who provides the clarity and inspiration to help you stop stopping yourself Over the past 29 years, Vincent's life experience, extraordinary psychic gifts and authenticity have allowed him to inspire and change the lives of thousands of people around the world.

He is a metaphysician, working with individuals and groups by in-tuning to your soul, angels, guides, deceased loved ones, past-lives, and God to obtain guiding messages he uses to help you recognize and clear blockages that are stopping you from connecting to your highest selves and Spirit. Through this, he empowers you to heal concerns of body, mind, and spirit.

His work has been featured on major television and radio programs, and in national magazine publications. Vincent transcended a youth of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse and torment and dedicates all his talents to inspire people to see their magnificence and believe in themselves, so they can use all their Divine gifts to fulfill their dreams and create the lives they want


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