Guest Profile

Vincent J. Barra

Vincent J. Barra: Internationally celebrated Psychic Counselor and Motivational Speaker Vincent J. Barra also holds the titles of Writer, Lecturer, Educator, Numerologist and a Master Teacher of Reiki, just to name a few. Born a natural Psychic in New York, he has known what it means to be "different" all his life. Even as a young man, Vincent worked with several Police Agencies and other Governmental Departments uncovering facts that aided in solving many difficult cases. He has worked with Doctors and other Medical Professionals accurately diagnosing tumors and hidden maladies even our most modern technology was unable to detect.

A gifted and dynamic speaker, Vincent has conducted seminars, lecture and workshops on such topics as Numerology and what it can do for you, Dream Interpretation, Psychic Development get the inside track on your own psychic abilities, and Reiki Essence Healing, a natural healing energy. His most recent endeavor is an unique and touching seminar called "Journey With Spirit," a powerful workshop designed to help individuals re-unite with loved ones who have made their transition, keeping the person in present time, without the use of regression or channeling. Mr. Barra is the only person offering this inspiring workshop.

Known for his unparalleled ability to channel messages from the afterlife to love ones. He has helped hundred to contact and understand and accept the death of relatives and friends. Mr. Barra's private Psychic Consultations have been the road to self-discovery, not just for his clients, but for himself as well. Known as the "Psychic's Psychic" his clients have called a session with Vincent one of the most dynamic and illuminating time you have ever spent exploring yourself. His Readings are multi-leveled and multi-dimensional. You receive personalized attention second to none, a heart-felt guidance and penetration into matters that are most important to you and a new perspective that is uplifting and clarifying. A sense of renewed faith and passion for life.

A controversial yet well-respected leading authority within the Metaphysical community, Vincent has been a frequent guest on several radio and TV programs. For the past ten years he has produced and hosted his own radio call-in talk show "Synapse" and TV show "Psychic Odyssey." As a writer his columns can be found in several local and national magazines and newspapers.

Spiritual leader, humanitarian, healer, teacher, whatever names are given to this very special and accomplished human being, he is a giver always of those gifts, he says "My gifts come from the universe and are not exclusively mine... unless we share and give, we can never hope to receive and grow."