Guest Profile

Vladimir Gerasichev

Hi My name is Vladimir Gerasichev. I was born in 1967 in a family of journalists my parents met at the Leningrad State University, where they both majored in journalism. In 1973 we moved to Moscow, where in 1974 I went to first grade elementary school. From June 1976 until November 1980 our family moved to New York, where my father was commissioned by the State Television and Radio Agency as a news correspondent and where I studied at the Soviet school at the UN.

In 1980 we returned to Moscow, where I graduated High school four years later.

198485 worked at the USSR State Television and Radio broadcasting Committee.

198587 served in the army artillery unit near Moscow.

In 1988 I was enrolled at the international department of the Moscow State University School of Journalism. In 1988, while studying at the School of Journalism, I started to publish the Inward Path Magazine with a print run of 150 000 copies. One can say, that that was the time I started my communications with world's top experts in the field of personal growth and development.

In 1990, I was fortunate enough to be present at a Werner Erhardt seminar that took place at the Academy of National Economy, which was also attended by a number of the USSR Chief Council members. That was a pivotal point in my life, the moment that lead me to choose coaching as a profession. After that I attended and organized a multitude of seminars both in Russia and abroad. Similarly, having attended a David Ninan seminar Business and you in Stockholm in 1993, I have organized it in Moscow and other cities in Russia. In 1993 I was selected to go on an intermship as a coach to the USA. Basing myself on the experience of the best experts in the field of personnel training and motivation, little by little, I started to develop a method of my own, an adaptaion of the acquired experience for the Russian mentality.

Two years later, I started putting together my own team of professionals. With all of the practical experience in holding corporate and public seminars in both Russian and English in 2000 I started to gravitate towards working with companies in the field of creation of an effective work context corporate culture. I always like to point out that this sort of work allows one to get concrete, tangible results, expressed in the company business indicators. Some of Russia's and world's biggest companies speak very highly of the work done, amongst whom such names as Mirax Group, Wrigley, Red Bull, Schwarzkopf & Henkel, Procter & Gamble, AIG life, Adidas, DHL, VERRA motors, BBDO, KIT Financial, SBARRO, Astarta, Uralsib, MGTS, Bee-line, Megafon, , Sviaznoj, Otkrytiye bank, Citronics, Sochi 2014 organizational Committee, X5 retail Group etc.

I co-authored the book "How to create your dream team" with Oleg Sinyakin, it was published in 2007. The book is a study of a real business case we encountered working with "Schwartzkopf & Henkel."

Since 2004 I hold seminars at some well-known business schools MIRBIS, The Higher School of Business ath the Moscow State Lomonosov University, the Academy of National Economy with the RF government. With my fifteen years of successful work experience, over fifty companies and 35 000 graduates I am one of the most experienced business coaches in Russia. I hold seminars in Russian and English on Russia and abroad US, Japan, and other.

At this point in time I am the owner and the president of 'Business Relations' and 'Open Forum' companies, the author and a host of "The Context" TV show on Channel 1.

I am married with three children