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Guest Profile

Wahido Marata

Wahido Marata was born in Portugal and has traveled the world in search of enlightenment. He is the author of the book The Teachings of Osho and Tony Samara Revealed-You Are Called to Change.

He has spent time studying Osho's teachings in Pune, India and now lives in a spiritual school in Europe under the guidance of Tony Samara.

Wahido was trained as a civil engineer, and has also been a physical trainer, tennis coach, NLP and spiritual workshop facilitator. He has thousands of followers and has been featured in magazines in Portugal, India and Germany. He also facilitates meditation events on a regular basis where he shares his work and the teachings of Tony Samara.

Since 2007 he has been CEO to Tony Samara, focusing on promoting, marketing and publicizing his books and organizing online events and retreats worldwide. He has learned many truths on his journey to find enlightenment and shares his beliefs and experiences with a humble and open heart.