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Guest Profile

Walter Horsting

Walter Horsting is the CEO of Global Village Utilities, a developer of sustainable villages' utilities for clean water, power, communications, education, telehealth and innovation.


Horsting develops large technology projects for global firms, entertainment venues, energy, higher education, government, healthcare and high tech industries including corporate headquarters, governmental centers, stadiums, casinos, performance centers, hotel, campuses, theme park and 4th generation Thorium applications.

He has led national and international teams into high profile projects that included AT&T BART, Bloomberg HQ, Cisco, Compuware HQ, Dubai Mall, Dubailand, Fluor HQ, Level 3 HQ, MGM Studios HQ, Nike HQ Expansion, Qatar Education City, Tower Records Intl expansion, Union Pacific HQ, UCDMC, UC Merced, and many others.


You can learn more about Walter on LinkedIn at