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Wendy R. Wolf

Wendy R. Wolf has been dancing with the Divine for over 30 years. She says: "It is such a rich, exciting way to live"

Her abiding passion for spiritual deepening, healing, growth and presence, as well as her deep connection with All Our Relations,
make her a remarkable inspiration and nurturing supporter for others on their unique soul journey.

A dozen years ago, Wendy moved to Seattle from NJ, to train in meditation, healing, and psychic development, to spur recovery from her own prolonged chronic illness. Applying spiritual tools, she found much more than relief from physical symptoms. She says: "I learned to have joy through the pain. And, now that I get to be out of bed, and have a life again, I am over the moon"

Her spiritual tools, including grounding, centering, utilizing energy from the Earth and the Cosmos, connecting with spiritual guides and psychic healing, allowed Wendy to heal and transform her body and her life. She is now committed to assist others to utilize these these life-changing gifts

With Wendy as your guide, you can let go and find safety and confidence in your Healing Journey. With Teleios as the vehicle, you can utilize SoulTech to transform your life and manifest your destiny.

Since 2005, Reverend Wendy Running Wolf has acted as a trusted Healer, Soul Transformation Facilitator, and Leader of a growing team of Psychic Healers who inspire & support each unique Soul Journey, and help to transform your life's traumas and challenges into the gift that YOUR LIFE was always meant to be More About Wendy.

Get support in your unique soul adventure. Start free: sign up for a downloadable audio meditation with Wendy at - write 'Free Audio' in Subject Line.

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