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Conscious Creation with Dee Wallace - Loving Yourself Is the Key to Creation: Episode #462

Guest Profile

Wendy Rose Williams

Wendy Rose Williams is a Seattle area Past-Life Regressionist and Hypnotherapist, author and speaker with a deep understanding of past life energy. She is a Certified Spiritual Teacher, a Reiki Master Energy Healer, a channel for Mary Magdalen, and an Ordained Minister.

Wendy is the host of "Soul Wisdom Radio: Living Your Joyful Life!" on

Her first non-fiction book ‘Regression Healing I: The Huntsman, the Lord High Mayor and the World War II Solider’ is available on Amazon. She also recorded an audio book, "The Shaman and the Goddess."  Wendy is close to completing her first novel, "The Flow: Plimoth Plantation," which introduces a metaphysical fiction trilogy.

She is passionate about helping mankind raise their vibration to 5D - the fifth spiritual dimension -  and higher, in order to anchor in the "Heaven on Earth" energies of peace, love and joy, and to embrace our multi-dimensionality as galactic citizens.


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