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Guest Profile

Wendy Silvers

Wendy Silvers is a mama, wife, Spiritual Midwife, Compassionate Parenting educator, the Tranquil Mom Coach, Speaker and International bestselling author. She is the founder of the Million Mamas Movement, an organization in service to the sisterhood of motherhood whose mission is to see mothers, children and families thrive globally. She blends the secular and the spiritual as a Spiritual Midwife offering mothers who hunger to express their inner genius, raise compassionate, confident children and grow spiritually ageless wisdom and practical guidance. She draws upon many years as a former celebrity publicist to help women birth and earth their best lives. Wendy is an Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner/Therapist, director of the Agape Parenting Ministry and a certified Echo Parenting Educator. She guides parents in partnering and parenting with compassion and connection.
Wendy knows the steps needed to experience sustainable prosperity and the strategies necessary to navigate the pressures and responsibilities of balancing fame with family and self-care. This is especially true when one feels they are here on a mission. She is a co-author of the International bestseller, Balance for Busy Moms, and is a contributor to the Huffington Post and other publications. Since 1984, Wendy has immersed herself in the fields of psychology, spirituality, 12-step recovery, transformation and parenting. She lives in Southern California with her husband and powerful 13-yr. old daughter.


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