Guest Profile

Wendy Van de Poll

Wendy Van de Poll is sought after Animal Communicator Expert, Intuitive Life Path Coach and Author dedicated to empowering women and really cool men in discovering their Sacred Soul Promises and learning to trust their intuition.

Using her intuitive coaching process, and with Sacred Soul Promises as a starting point, Wendy brings in the energy and messages of your animals past and present to empower and support you in knowing yourself on a deeper, more intimate level. She also communicates with wild animals and animal totems that will also work with you to heal your blocks and discover your life's purpose.

She is the creator of The Sacred Soul Promise Method and The MarleyBee Foundation. She also offers a Premier Certification Training Program in Animal Communication.

Wendy holds a Master's of Science degree in Wolf Ecology and Behavior and has run with wild wolves in Minnesota, coyotes in Massachusetts and foxes in her backyard. In the recent past, Wendy was the past host of the syndicated radio show "Beyond Animal Speak" as well as serving as a Massage Therapist for Humans, Horses and Hounds. She currently has a Skype and phone practice providing Intuitive Life Path Sessions, Coaching and Animal Communication. She is available to speak on radio, seminars and retreats.