Guest Profile

Yasmin Henkesh

Yasmin Henkesh (Washington, D.C.) has been a regular performer at Parisian cabarets Le Beirut and Le Yildizlar, London’s Omar Khayyam, and The Auberge in Cairo.

She presents workshops, teaches at a private studio, and produces and distributes Middle Eastern music throughout the United States.

Trance Dancing with the Jinn is a meticulously researched, hands-on guide from an expert teacher and a mystical journey through the realms of healing and magic. Join Yasmin Henkesh as she reveals the science behind ancient and modern trance phenomena. Discover spiritual trance dance rituals from around the world, including the jinn and zar ceremonies of Egypt and the whirling dervish traditions of the Sufis. Trance Dancing with the Jinn also includes a complete course on how to trance dance in your own home, which is a safe and effective way to connect to spirit and experience joy in the process.