Guest Profile

Yvonne Kraeher

An artist, visionary and spiritual wisdom keeper, Yvonne Kraeher has been attuned to higher energetic frequencies from an early age as she experienced “visitations” from guides and spirits receiving messages and downloads from them which at the time were not common to speak about nor honored in the “traditional” world in which she grew up. Nevertheless, she continued on her quest to bring consciousness and healing into her own life, her family and those she has had the opportunity to connect with.


Her mission is to inspire fellow geniuses to liberate their hidden wisdom, radiate their brilliance, and ignite their creative passions by raising their own consciousness. She does this through a series of workshops and playful experiential sessions.


Yvonne has led a traditional life as a mother and business owner, yet her passions and experiences in the “other”  world have continued to light the way for fellow travelers to follow her on her journey of self-discovery. She is a wife, mother of three adult children and world explorer.


As principal of The Collective HeARTs Studio, Yvonne facilitates healing through the unlocking of others’ creative passions. She works as a Gene Key Guide,  SoulCollage Facilitator, and energetic artist offering workshops and individual sessions. 


Yvonne lives in Newtown, Pennsylvania with her husband, daughter,  beloved pets and enjoys connecting with nature in her garden. She is passionate about reading, creative writing, yoga, and meditation. 


[email protected]