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Herban Wellness

Herban Wellness

Herban Wellness is a retail herb shop in downtown Kirkland, WA. Opened in July of 2009, Herban Wellness is the only herb shop to serve the Eastside communities! We offer a wide selection of herbal medicines and products, including bulk herbs, herbal teas, tinctures, essential oils, salves and creams, and much more, all hand-selected by Katya Difani, herbalist and owner. We provide the highest quality herbal products with herbs from small, local companies, for maximum effectiveness. Our specialty is on unique custom-formulations. Our tea blends are formulated and blended in-house for maximum therapeutic purposes. We can mix custom herbal formulas for our customers in tea or herbal tincture form.

Herban Wellness focuses on empowering people to learn about their own bodies and to use all the tools available to them to achieve and maintain health. We do this through information, education, and access to plant medicines that can be used daily in people’s lives. Classes are offered on a regular basis to teach people about how to use herbs for different body systems and to make their own herbal medicines and plant-based skincare.

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