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A Cup of Comfort™ with Trish Laub: CareHero™ topics that nobody wants to talk about

A Cup of Comfort™ with Trish Laub: CareHero™ topics that nobody wants to talk about

Welcome to A Cup of Comfort. This show is about care-hero topics that nobody wants to talk about.
You might be listening and thinking that you aren’t a care-hero. But everyone has either been, are, will be or will need … a care-hero. And if you still think you aren’t a care-hero, think back, perhaps you tended to a younger sibling's cut finger or babysat for a neighbor’s child. You are a care-hero.

Perhaps your journey of care started with delivering groceries for a loved one and has now become more demanding. Maybe you were thrown into the fire and became a care-hero during a medical crisis. The specific roles may be different - you may care for a parent, a spouse, a sibling, child, or friend – but the challenges are the same. Getting the tools that you need to navigate the maze of unfamiliar options can be overwhelming, especially under pressure and during a crisis.

I know, I have been there. There were hundreds of books filled with hundreds of pages that I didn’t have the time to read. There were organizations waiting to help me but that I couldn’t find because I didn’t know the language specific to the services to even search for them.

I am here to help you with all of it – no care-hero topic is off-limits. I am here to share with you the concise, actionable information, as well as my fresh perspective about living with Alzheimer’s and providing dignified care through the end of life for anyone with a life-altering diagnosis. I will share with you everything that I learned and wrote into three quick-reference guide books in order to help others like you.

Grab a cup of your favorite beverage, sit back, and let me help you on your care-hero journey. We will talk and share, we may laugh and we may share a tear or two, and we will always share A Cup of Comfort.


Trish Laub

Trish Laub

A Cup of Comfort™ with Trish Laub CareHero™ topics that nobody wants to talk about2nd & 4th Tuesday       12pm PT/ 3pm ET Wel...

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