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Hungry for Answers: From Recovery to Your Ultimate Life with Robin H. Clare

Hungry for Answers: From Recovery to Your Ultimate Life with Robin H. Clare

1st & 3rd Thursdays  9am PT / 12pm ET

Do you love food, alcohol, drugs, sex, social media, cigarettes, or gambling a little too much? The traditional narrative says that addiction to these vices is the problem. The truth is that they are just symptoms. Underneath every vice is the addiction to the suffering that developed due to unhealed trauma that morphed into self-loathing.

Hungry for Answers provides proven spiritual solutions to stop suffering and start living the life of your dreams. Your host, Robin Clare, Recovery Coach Professional, has shared these solutions as a guest on dozens of podcasts worldwide, and now, she is bringing them directly to you and your family.

Robin has lived the addiction journey herself, and she has sustained a successful recovery from a 40-year battle with obsessive-compulsive food disorder and bulimia. She has documented her recovery journey in her best-selling spiritual book, Feast & Famine: Healing Addiction with Grace.

On each show, Robin and her special guest will guide you to an eye-opening awareness that you are worthy of a life without suffering. Learning to love ourselves is the one true solution to addiction. With a commitment to self-healing, you can reach your ultimate potential and fulfill your divine destiny.

Everyone has a profound recovery story in the making! By listening to Hungry for Answers, you will discover how your addiction and recovery journey can become a healing tool for others. You have a divine right to a life filled with love, joy, peace, and abundance – it is time to claim yours!


Robin Clare Host on Transformation Talk Radio

Robin H. Clare

Hungry For Answers with Recovery Coach & Best-Selling Author Robin H. Clare: From Recovery to Your Ultimate Life 1st & 3rd Thursday  9am PT / 12pm ET Do you...

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