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Pets Talk: with Pet Communicator Dr. Monica Diedrich

Pets Talk: with Pet Communicator Dr. Monica Diedrich

3rd Tuesdays

10am pt / 1pm et

Have you ever wondered what your pets think about? Do you know that your pets are saying to you? Do you truly understand your pet? Are you even aware that your pets use mental telepathy in an attempt to communicate with you?

Dr. Monica will be your pet’s translator to help you understand what your pets are trying to communicate to you. Each month Pet Communicator Dr. Monica, joined by Dr. Pat,  will help you recognize that animals have emotions, thoughts, and feelings. You will come to understand how your own actions, thoughts, and feelings affect your furry friends. It’s time to learn all you can about all creatures great and small, on Pets Talk with Dr. Monica!


Dr. Monica Diedrich Ph.D.

Dr. Monica Diedrich Ph.D.

Pet's Talk: with Pet Communicator Dr. Monica Diedrich3rd Tuesdays at 10am pt / 1pm etDo you know pets talk all the time? They try to send you information in picture form. Bu...

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