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The Kornelia Stephanie Show: Lady Boss

The Kornelia Stephanie Show: Lady Boss

Tune in 1st & 4th Fridays at 12pm pacific/ 3pm eastern

The Rug Was Pulled out from underneath her; she didn’t feel confident. She didn’t know if she could make it yet she rose like the Phoenix leading herself her family and her legacy into a new beginning; Are You Ready?

The Kornelia Stephanie show knows What Women want- to be free to speak their voice, to live in financial freedom and to build businesses that radiate wealth leaving legacy’s we can be proud. Join Kornelia, Dana, and Chris the first and 4th Friday every month as they raise the roof to inspire confidence in all women.



Kornelia Stephanie

Kornelia Stephanie

The Kornelia Stephanie Show: *Living Heaven On Earth 2nd Fridays - 12pm pt / 3pm et*The Millionaire Imprint for Women - 3rd & 5th Fridays 12pm pt / 3pm et*Lady Boss - 1...

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