The Silver Gaia Academy -  with Dr. Brie Gibbs

The Silver Gaia Academy - with Dr. Brie Gibbs

Now on the 2nd and 4th Mondays at 11am pacific on KKNW and Transformation Talk Radio. Join Brie and Master Teachers on a Journey to Gaia for inspiration and education!

We are always evolving as part of the planet and The Silver Gaia Academy is here to help guide you on your spiritual journey. You will learn about Gaia - the Mother of Earth, and how even our words can affect the planet and the universe! Learn the true meaning of the word Goddess, and what it means that we are Divine Beings. We are here to help the planet raise its vibration - will you rise to the occasion?


Dr. Brie Gibbs

Dr. Brie Gibbs Ph.D.

Brieanne H. Gibbs, PhD Trans Medium, Healer, Instructor, Author, Life Coach, Speaker and Radio Show Host Dr. Brie Gibbs is a Lemurian and Shamanic Healer (from her Native Am...

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