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Sponsor Profile: Cultivating Your Life with Dr. B

Dr. Loretta Billoups

Dr. Loretta Billoups

Cultivating your life offers mental health and relationship coaching services. Each person that inquires about services receives a COMPLIMENTARY 30-minute discovery session to ensure that we are a good fit. I work with both individuals and couples to assist them in reaching their goals. To do this, clients are provided specific tools and strategies over the course of their sessions. Together, we will discover patterns that are interrupting their peace and set them on a path to experiencing joy.

Cultivating your life is offering a special to all of Dr. Pat's listeners: Book a package for individual coaching for 6 months (4 sessions per month) for a total of 24 sessions for the cost of $2857 or a 3-month package (4 sessions per month) for a total of 12 sessions for $1427. For couples, book a 6-month session for $4317 or a 3-month session for $2157.

Don't let your fears keep you from attaining your goals and desires. Contact Dr. Billoups at Cultivating Your Life so that your desires are now a reality.