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soundings of the planet with dean evenson and dudley evenson

Soundings of the Planet

Welcome to Soundings of the Planet!
Your source for award-winning relaxation music, video, books and courses. Shop here for healing music, nature music, meditation, yoga, spa and stress reduction music. Dean Evenson, Dudley Evenson and Soundings Ensemble. Creating Peace Through Music and Health Through Music since 1979.

Dean and Dudley Evenson traveled the country in a converted school bus with their growing family, documenting the new consciousness as it was emerging. Through this adventure a movement of sound healing was born. Now Soundings of the Planet is celebrating 40 years of peace and healing through music!

Soundings of the Planet is an artist-owned, independent media company based in Bellingham, Washington that produces award-winning relaxation and world music by New Age artists and international musicians as well as documentaries on various environmental and human rights issues. Also available through Spotify and iTunes.

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