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Dr Glenna Rice & Access Consciousness

Questionable Conversations

Did anyone teach you to be a parent? What if there were tools that could make your job a whole lot easier? Glenna invites you to be the questionable parent you truly be, to empower parents to know that they know and give them the awareness required to create ease and joy with their children.

Glenna is a Physical Therapist, Owner of Access Physical Therapy and an Access Facilitator who teaches Access Consciousness seminars on parenting and for the body worldwide. As a single mother of three she ask what if there was no right or wrong way to be a parent? Access Consciousness may be the weirdest and wackiest system she has ever encountered...but it actually works to create the changes people are asking for Glenna has an amazing gift to look at the energy of what you are asking to change and facilitate from that space instead of the story and what she speaks to about parenting applies to every part of your life Are you willing to be the change that can truly create a difference? Are you willing to gift that to your children?

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