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Welcome to Maximum Medicine
Spirit has brought you here to this place at this time and I am honored to be of service to you. I invite you to amplify your connection to the Divine, to dream big, and to expand into your fullest being.

Spiritual / Energy Sessions
Shamanic sessions usually are offered in two formats – in person or by phone. The only requirement for the client is to have an intention for the shift desired, and the ability to be in quiet, meditative space.

I am a Doctor of Internal Medicine and hold a Ph.D. in Physiology, having studied at Johns Hopkins University and other elite medical institutions. I have trained with many healers – Alberto Villoldo, Carl Greer, Sharon Klingler, The Cayce Foundation (A.R.E.), CC Treadway and others. I use a combination of gemstones, sacred objects, Tarot cards, hypnotherapy, and techniques passed down from the last remaining Peruvian Inka. Together you and I open lines of communication to the Spirits of Earth, Galactic energies, and Ancestral Wisdom and download their messages for your growth and expansion.

Sessions cost $200 (US), payable at the time of scheduling. If you choose to schedule a block of sessions, the cost is discounted to $150 for a block of three or $135 for a block of five. Book now and pay.

You may mail me a check if time permits. Otherwise, you may pay with Paypal using the button below. To schedule, please contact me.