Sponsor Profile: Kelly Bazzani, BSN, MA Psychology, Certified Life Coach & Facilitator

My Resilience Coach Kelly Bazzani

My Resilience Coach Kelly Bazzani

My name is Kelly Bazzani and it is both an honor and a privilege to share my story of resilience and to have this opportunity to empower you to do the same. More about me More about Kelly - Recovery to Resilience

 Kelly Bazzani Coaching


Holistic Life Coaching - Coaching Services
Are you experiencing anxiety, depression, deep rooted insecurities, internal conflict, or obsessive-compulsive thought patterns? These are often the result of negative (fixed) core beliefs, a need to re-establish your core values, and/or to establish and build a firm foundation with healthy boundaries. Let me help you get back into alignment.

Whether it’s drugs, alcohol, co-dependency, gambling, sex, negative thought patterns, etc. I can guide you.

Do you procrastinate and lack motivation? This is actually a form of self harm. I can help if you want to become “unstuck” from black and white thinking to rediscover balance from within.

Can I guide you as you struggle with letting go of control? Let me help you seek understanding around the vicious cycle of loving yourself over this form of deadly self sabotage so that you can reclaim your self-worth and love yourself from the inside out!

Empathy, validation, mirroring and reflective listening are the key components to effective dialogue. Did you also know that listening (80%) is more important than speaking (20%)? Do you want to learn how to factually respond vs. emotionally react? Be inquisitive vs. accusatory? Solution oriented vs. Problem oriented? I can guide you!

Do you feel it is not okay to show or express emotion? Do you struggle with vulnerability? Let’s uncover why you hold onto shame and guilt that is not yours to own and how vulnerability is not a weakness, but indeed your greatest strength.
Triggers are unwanted emotional or behavioral responses - I can guide you to identify them, bring them to your awareness and step into your Power to release the shame and guilt attached to each one!

Are you tired of feeling powerless and like the victim in your own life? Are you ready to step into your own power? Learn how to create and manifest abundance in your life, and walk away with the tools to do so!


  • Couples
  • Children and Teens
  • LGBTQ Community
  • Adults of All Ages
  • Families



To promote emotional wellness, embody healing, and remove stigma from mental health and addiction.

To manifest healing and positive change for me and my clients so that we see the possibilities available to us in life, in a way that is aligned with integrity, embodiment, and mindful service.


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