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Thriving Now LLC

Thriving Now LLC

Kornelia Stephanie: THE Messenger a divine channel for source energy:
She has volunteered to come back to earth to establish a new foundation for a new consciousness for the human race. She is a gifted intuitive energy guide, pioneering the land of the new. Kornelia’s work is about building universal wholeness for the planet. She is passionate about humanity’s sovereignty, about maintaining authority over one’s own life as empowered creation. Founder of Empower Network, she empowers people on the path to self-healing, peace, and liberation. She teaches people to embrace their humanity, offering simple, practical tools about how to live, how to heal their lives. Kornelia’s leadership in co-creating the new paradigm with her vibrant online community, engages people around the world to co- create their own universe, their heaven-on-earth, standing for peace on earth through daily practical online messages on how to live in the new world being their own authority. She is a passionate speaker and the author of the book “Peace, the Flip Side To Anger”. She travels the world modeling and speaking about peace as an inside Job. Invite Kornelia to come and speak to your audience. They will be offered a chance to reshape their lives by her powerful call to action with her 21 day peace practice and her focus on the 3 top ways for creating inner peace and claiming power in the midst of turmoil.

Kornelia Stephanie travels the world modeling inner peace. She teaches people to embrace their humanity, offering simple, practical tools on how to live, how to heal their lives using the power of their emotions, loving the self whole. With her passionate and fun nature, Kornelia teaches people in her retreats or her private sessions how to integrate practical spirituality into their daily lives. She helps people become emotionally healthy with great results. She mentors people into their empowerment which makes a huge difference in their lives and, in turn, uplifts others in their families and communities and is changing the world. People experience huge, profound shifts leaving the past behind, moving forward, navigating the new energies with passion purpose and confidence.

Kornelia is the author of Peace the Flip Side to Anger. How I used my emotions to heal my life and my body and HOW YOU CAN TOO. She is currently at work on her new book How to Live in the New Paradigm, with you as the authority. She specializes in emotional health, created the Universal Wholeness Course Heal Thyself. She helps others establish their own self-healing practice in becoming wholeness practitioners. She currently has 3 empowerment audio programs available for purchase and home study.