Sponsor Profile: Medha Johnson

Personal Wisdom Coaching with Medha Johnson

Personal Wisdom Coaching with Medha Johnson

Medha is a spirit-based, intuition lead Success Coach. She believes that we find each other at exactly the right time in our lives — welcome! Wherever you are in your journey to finding the right Success Coach, Medha is happy to answer any questions you may have.


INDIVIDUALS - This guided one-on-one program is designed to facilitate the discovery of your unique life purpose and understanding of how it influences your life. Medha works one-on-one with individuals specific to their needs, values, and goals. Her mission is for you to discover your unique abilities while learning how to leverage these gifts and put them into practice. There are several packages to choose from.

Medha's Executive Coaching model allows executives and business owners to discover the right path for investing in their professional and personal development. Her goal is to help organizations recognize areas for improvement and hone in on key focal points where adjustments are needed; what is and isn’t working. This is an extensive exercise involving a several-step process for maximum results.

"Our journey together begins with a complimentary meeting. This can be in person or via video. The purpose is to introduce you to my approach, style and methodology as well as for me to begin to know and understand you as a person and why you are seeking a Success Coach. I look forward to connecting with you!" - Medha
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