Sponsor Profile: Michele Magner, MBA, CDP

Inspired Caring with Michele Magner

Inspired Caring with Michele Magner

Michele Magner, MBA, CDP | Certified Coach | Masters Certification in Gerontology


Who is taking care of you?

*Constantly feeling exhausted, stressed out and guilty?
*No matter what you do, it never feels like enough?
*So focused on your loved one’s well-being and the fear of what’s to come, you put yourself on the back burner?

Do you need help navigating the challenges of aging family members? Michele Magner is a recognized expert in the field of caregiving. She understands the challenges we face as we care for those we love and shares her experiences with Gerontology, Dementia, and Conscious Aging through her podcast Inspired Caring.

Life is complicated enough without the many layers that come with helping our family members. Managing logistics, family dynamics, and navigating diagnosis can be at the expense of your own health and relationships.

Her one on one and group coaching programs equip you with the tools to handle stress and burnout with clarity and confidence. For more information on the Inspired Caring podcast and Inspired Caring coaching programs

There is a better way; You can do this, I am here for you.
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