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Sponsor Profile: Misty Thompson

mystified enlightenment with misty thompson

Mystified Enlightenment

Misty is a Certified Angel Card Reader, a Certified Assertiveness Coach, an Intuitive Psychic Medium, Speaker, Teacher, and a Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner. She has six books that as a contributing author and has a published book surrounding the tragic circumstances of her sister’s death. This book also talks about their spiritual journey and how they helped each other on their path.

As a Certified Angel Card Reader, she utilizes Angel Oracle Cards to provide you with an accurate reading and incredible insight about your life path. The cards used are beautifully created and the messages are loving and positive.

As a Mind, Body, and Spirit Practitioner, she is committed to teaching you how to open up your own spiritual growth and to live a more mind-body-soul based life. With the theoretical and practical information obtained during her training, she not only gained clarity and greater levels of soul awareness for herself, but is excited to pass this knowledge on to you.  You deserve to live a joyous life.

As a Psychic Medium, she is able to connect with past loved ones and friends. Our loved ones are always with us and sometimes we need someone to validate their existence. Those who have transitioned are always around to guide us on our journey. They come to us in dreams, during our regular daily routines, and while we are quiet in our own mind.  It is one of the ways she is able to help you become a better version of yourself.

As a Certified Assertiveness Coach, she assists her clients to be more assertive with their needs and to follow their heart’s desire. The training she received gave her the skills needed to help her clients. It is another tool in her toolbox that can be used if needed.

In January 2018, she began as a contributing author for the magazine titled, Sibyl. This magazine is an online spiritual publication and she is beyond excited to be able to provide guidance to those readers. It was recently announced that she was on the cover of this international magazine for the April 2018 edition. Information on how to receive a free issue and subscribe to the magazine can be viewed by clicking here.

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